RouterDistributor and Ubiquiti

RouterDistributor has various products from the Ubiquiti line in its range:

With the Ubiquiti AmpliFi systems you can provide your entire home or office with one large WiFi network.

UniFi Wireless is a range of access points designed for large business spaces. Multiple UniFi access points can be connected together to expand the network.

Ubiquiti switches are used to configure the entire network as desired. Ubiquiti’s network switches are managed through the company’s comprehensive software.

With the security cameras from Ubiquiti, you can remotely monitor a room in or around the house. With camera security, you can keep a live watch of what is happening at home 24 hours a day, also abroad.


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Ubiquiti Network Management System

With the Ubiquiti Network Management System, all Ubiquiti devices are managed from one place. UNMS stores up to a year of data for all connected devices. This data can be used for various cases and solutions. In addition, an automatic customer formation plan can be easily set up and a firmware upgrade for all devices is performed with one scheduled click of a button. If a problem occurs, the process will automatically stop so that it can be diagnosed. UNMS also contains a smart password management and security is even more guaranteed. All of this is possible via a super powerful mobile app, so sign up now and take advantage of all the conveniences UNMS offers.

Manage your network with ease

Data to blow your mind and improve your network

Automatic client shaping

Bulk and safe firmware updates

Smart password managing

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How Ubiquiti Works

Ubiquiti, Inc. currently focuses on 3 main technologies: high-capacity distributed internet access, unified information technology and the next generation of consumer electronics for home and personal use.

With more than 70 million devices shipped in more than 200 countries and territories around the world, Ubiquiti strives to connect everyone, everywhere, to everything.

Ubiquiti was founded in 2005 by former Apple engineer Robert Pera. Over the years, Ubiquiti has launched various product lines with which they conquer the world.

With already 12 offices worldwide, Ubiquiti is growing and growing.

2008 NanoStation

2009 airMAX

2010 UniFi

2012 airFiber /EdgeMAX

2016 AmpliFi

2017 UFiber

2018 UniFiXG

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