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Founded in 1996, TP-Link is a global provider of reliable network equipment and accessories for every aspect of everyday life. The company has been successively recognized as the number 1 provider of WiFi equipment by analysis agency IDC. TP-Link serves more than 170 countries and serves billions of people worldwide.

Thanks to proven stability, performance and a very good price / quality ratio, TP-Link has put together a product portfolio that is able to meet everyone’s needs. Because the connected lifestyle continues to evolve and can no longer be ignored in society, TP-Link continues to grow to be able to exceed the demand of tomorrow.

RouterDistributor has added an extensive portfolio of this brand to the range. Various product groups ranging from Routers, Access Points, Switches and MiFi’s from TP-Link are available from stock.

TP-Link WiFi 6



TP-Link Archer MR600TP-Link offers a wide variety of network products designed to implement your connectivity reliably, securely and quickly. The products help you build a broad network infrastructure. For example, RouterDistributor has included several TP-Link routers with different features, including: Archer MR200, Archer MR400 and Archer MR600. All three have a suitable basic router for the meeting room, the pop-up store, remote areas, at home or a holiday home. The above routers have an advantage for every situation, where the differences lie, for example, on WiFi speeds that the router achieves. With the handy Tether app, this router complies with an easy setup and easy access for getting and getting the routers.

Access Points

TP-Link EAP245

An (extra) wireless network is installed with an access point. TP-Link has a special series for indoor and outdoor use of access points with various suspension systems. For example, the EAP225 is a perfectly affordable 802.11ac MU-MIMO WiFi solution for the ceiling. The EAP225-Wall has been specially developed for wall mounting and the EAP225-outdoor can be used for both indoor and outdoor use for powerful WiFi with a long range. We have also included the EAP245 in its range, an access point for business use. Supports seamless roaming so that video streams and voice calls are not interrupted when users move through a room at the same time as 450Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and 1300Mbps on the 5GHz band, totaling 1750Mbps Wi-Fi speeds.


TP-Link M7450

Also, RouterDistributor distributes TP-Link 4G MiFi’s. With a mobile router, an internet connection can be established and shared at any location. MiFi’s can be equipped with a Comgate SIM card and are then ready for immediate use. The TP-link M7200 and M7450 are runners within the portfolio.



TP-LinkTP-Link switches are used in all kinds of applications. RouterDistributor has the switches suitable for the business environment. The switches can be divided into Managed and Easy Smart switches.

The managed TP-Link switches can be set up completely according to your own wishes. Managed switches allow you to manage the network ports and enable or disable various advanced options. For example, with a managed switch you retain all control over the network. This is especially desirable in a business environment where multiple users are connected to the switch. As the manager of a managed switch, you can set which network traffic has priority, but also which users have access to certain parts of the network.

RouterDistributor offers a portfolio of managed switches such as the T1500G-10MPS, T1500G-10PS, T1600G-28PS and T1600G-52PS. The biggest differences between these switches are the switch capacities and the number of Ethernet and PoE ports

In addition, the TL-SG108PE and TL-SG1016PE are concrete examples of Easy Smart switches. These devices are an ideal upgrade for an unmanaged switch and intended for SMB networks with simple network management. The network administrator can efficiently monitor traffic using port mirroring, loop prevention and cable diagnostics functions.

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