RouterDistributor & Tektelic

RouterDistributor (Capestone) & Tektelic entered into a distribution agreement in February 2021. As a specialized distributor in the field of 4G / 5G Mobile networking, Internet of Things, M2M / IoT connectivity and Wireless WAN solutions, RouterDistributor will supply the entire Tektelic portfolio both stand-alone and in combination with 4G network services.

Tektelic is a leading supplier of IoT gateways and devices. Using LoRaWAN technology, Tektelic builds from carrier-grade hardware designed for the best performance, reliability, scalability and lowest TCO for the customer. Tektelic offers a wide range of gateways and sensors to build LoRaWAN networks.

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The Tektelic LoRaWAN gateways are divided into five different product categories

Kona IoT Gateways


The Tektelic LoRaWAN sensors are divided based on verticals and applications;



The Tektelic LoRaWAN trackers are divided based on verticals and applications;

Asset Trackers


LoRaWAN is designed to allow low power devices to communicate devoidly with internet connected applications and applications. To use a LoRaWAN solution, the following network elements are required;

Gateways: The LoRaWAN gateways are used to receive and send information from the end nodes, often sensors or trackers. The LoRaWAN gateways can then unlock the data via a wired ethernet or fiber optic connection, or via a 4G network. RouterDistributor offers LoRaWAN gateways exclusively from Tektelic.

End nodes: LoRaWAN endpoints can be sensors for measuring temperature, humidity or CO2, but also trackers for valuable products or possessions. Capestone offers LoRaWAN sensors and trackers exclusively from Tektelic.
Network Server: a server that provides the information from the sensors to the gateways to the application server. The network server of RouterDistributor is based on The Things Networks (TTN).

Application Server: a server on which a particular application or software runs.


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