The roots of Alcatel and TCL Communication

Incorporated in Hong Kong, TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited designs, manufactures and markets an expanding portfolio of mobile and internet products and services worldwide.

The company’s portfolio of products is currently sold in over 160 countries throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. TCL Communication ranked as a top-10 global mobile phone manufacturer in the first quarter of 2017 according to IDC and company data.

Alcatel branded devices from TCL Communication deliver innovative, feature-rich experiences that make access to today’s mobile technology simple; offering a diverse portfolio of value-packed products equipped with the technology people want most. Its products and solutions resonate with millennial and Gen Z consumers with a simple, personal, authentic and fun approach.

By combining an understanding of local markets and control of the end-to-end manufacturing process. Alcatel brand delivers customized user experiences with high-performance mobile devices that allow consumers to explore and amplify the joy in the everyday.








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Affordable mobile internet solutions

Alcatel offers 4G and 5G mobile broadband products for consumers and businesses. Combine the products with our Prepaid 4G connectivity for global usage;

4G MiFi’s for internet on vacation or travel

4G MiFi’s are compact mobile WiFi routers. You can easily take them with you everywhere. In a MiFi you place a SIM card Europe or World. This creates a hotspot and you can always and everywhere online via a 3G or 4G network, including in the car or at a remote or temporary residence or work location.

4G USB dongles for internet for laptops or routers

With a 4G Dongle you can wirelessly connect your IT hardware to the internet. This is done through the mobile network. All you need is a 4G SIM card for Europe of World.

Alcatel 5G router

Alcatel also has a 5G router; The LINKHUB 5G Home Station is designed as a lightweight, portable router for accessing the next generation of network speeds at home and at work. The device supports smart dual-band Wi-Fi with 4X4 MU-MIMO technology that significantly increases coverage, maintains stable high-speed connections and supports up to 1000 simultaneous connections, making it perfect for home, small business, live events, and more.

Alcatel products are compatible with Comgate Prepaid EU and Global simcards.

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