Teltonika RUT241/RUT240 Extended Warranty – 2 years


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Extended Warranty -2 years

Benefit from a 2-year extension to the standard warranty period of the Teltonika RUT241/RUT240.


Extended Warranty – 2 years

Exclusive to the Teltonika RUT241/RUT240

RouterDistributor offers many of its own products and services that are complementary to the Teltonika hardware portfolio, allowing companies to take out an extra warranty period for Teltonika routers and gateways inexpensively.

The standard manufacturer’s warranty for Teltonika products purchased from RouterDistributor is 24 months from the moment of purchase. The “Extended Warranty” license ensures that after that initial period the warranty period is extended by the chosen period of 1, 2 or 3 years respectively.

The Extended Warranty for RUT241/RUT240 license can only be activated on Teltonika routers purchased from RouterDistributor that are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.