Tektelic Kona Micro Lite Gateway


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Tektelic Kona Micro Lite Gateway

The Tektelic Kona Micro Lite 8-channel Gateway is for indoor use. Support for global ISM bands and full duplex operation when available. Internet possibilities via ethernet connection.

Key Benefits
  • Most Global ISM Bands
  • Time Duplex 8 Rx / 1 Tx
  • Integrated Filter
  • Integrated WiFi (Optional)
  • Integrated or External LoRa Antenna
  • 27 dBm Tx Power
  • Plug-n-Play Operation
  • Factory Image For Mass Deployments
  • In-Service Updates


Tektelic Kona Micro Lite Gateway

The adoption of IoT solutions in the home and office is driving the need for indoor access to wide area low power networks. While LoRaWAN macro networks are being rolled out today, access is not ubiquitous. With Tektelic’s Kona Micro Lite Gateway users experience premier IoT connectivity with improved coverage, consistent service and reliability, regardless of their proximity to the macro LoRaWAN network. This plug-and-play Micro Lite gateway connects directly into an existing broadband service, self-configures, and extends LoRaWAN coverage inside the home or small office.

Key Product Differentiators
  • Reduce operation and deployment costs by utilizing KONA Micro Lite IoT Gateway with existing IP backhaul.
  • Improve coverage and services resulting in increased adoption and customer satisfaction.
  • Maximize benefit to customer by enabling a wide range of additional IoT services such as home and asset monitoring, security, health and fitness.
  • Robust gateway design manufactured for quality.
  • Self-optimizing plug-n-play installation.
  • Integrated with eco-system of network servers and devices.



LoRa radio parameters:

  • ISM Bands: NA915, EU868, AU915, AS923
  • Frequency duplex 8 Rx / 1 Tx
  • Tx power: Adjustable up to 27 dBm
  • Rx Sensitivity: -139,5 dBm (SF12, 293 bits / sec)
  • Rx Noise Figure: 3.0 dB
  • High linearity LNA / receiver: -10 dBm
  • Rx Dynamic range: 60 dB
  • Size: 96x96x25 mm
  • Ethernet line: Modular RJ45 | 10/100 BaseT
  • Integrated WiFi (optional): 2.4GHz (802.11 b / g) | Integrated antenna
  • Power: Ready-to-use 5V / 2A wall adapter | 5.5mm barrel connector
  • Integrated or external LoRa antenna
  • Plug-n-play operation
  • Factory image for mass deployment
  • Updates while in use
  • Integrated filter


What’s in the Box

  • 1 IoT Gateway PoE, 868 MHz EU band, Ethernet


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More about LoraWAN

The LoRaWAN network architecture is implemented in a star-of-stars topology in which gateways forward messages between end devices and a central network server. The gateways are connected to the network server via standard IP connections and act as a transparent bridge, simply converting RF packets into IP packets and vice versa.

The wireless communication uses the Long Range characteristics of the physical LoRaÒ layer, enabling a single hop connection between the terminal device and one or more gateways. All devices are capable of bidirectional communication and there is support for multicast addressing groups to efficiently utilize spectrum during tasks such as Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) upgrades or other mass distribution messaging.