Poynting XPOL-2-5G | 10M


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Poynting XPOL-2-5G

The Poynting XPOL-2-5G is the successor to the popular XPOL-2 and is Poynting’s third generation “V3” of this popular Cross Polarized (XPOL) series.

The antenna housing looks the same as the second generation “V2”, but has been completely redesigned inside. Poynting has adopted advanced materials technology, using so-called Artificial Magnetic Conductors (AMC) and new registered and patented configuration that delivers exceptional improvements in frequencies and gain. The radiation patterns of this antenna are exceptionally well regulated, which further increases the antenna performance.

Key Benefits
  • New advanced metamaterial technology
  • Exceptional performance over the main 4G/5G bands
  • High Gain for the antenna size
  • Wideband 2×2 MIMO 4G/5G antenna
  • Backwards compatible 2G/3G/4G/LTE antenna (5G Ready)
  • Two cross polarised antennas in one enclosure for optimal LTE performance
  • IP65 weather/dust and vandal resistant enclosure.


Poynting XPOL-2-5G

The XPOL-2-5G is Poynting’s third generation “V3” of this very popular Cross Polarised (XPOL), cellular band, 2×2 MIMO antenna. The antenna enclosure effectively looks the same as the second generation “V2” but has been completely redesigned on the inside. We have used advanced metamaterial technology, making use of Artificial Magnetic Conductors (AMC) and new registered/patent pending radiator configuration, which is proving to yield exceptional improvements in bandwidth and gain. Radiation patterns of this antenna are exceptionally well controlled, further adding to the performance of the antenna.

The XPOL-2-5G antenna includes the newer 3400 – 3800 MHz bands, which were not previously covered by our V2 and is suitable for 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G. This antenna performs exceptionally well in the following frequency bands: 698 – 960MHz, 1700 – 2170MHz, 2300 – 2700MHz & 3400 – 3800MHz. In addition to the new bands, the gain in the 1700MHz and 2.7GHz is around 3dB higher than the “V2” over the same frequency bands! Our “V2” antenna already outperformed most competitors over these bands, so this substantial improvement in gain shows the benefits of the new advanced materials and novel radiator design.


2-3dB higher gain over all the bands compared to “V2”
New 3400 to 3800MHz, 5G band with 11dBi gain
Consistent broadband performance
X-Polarised 2X2 MIMO Antenna
Wall or pole mountable
Lightweight & Rugged
Weatherproof & waterproof (IP65)
High pattern consistency across bands for 4G/5G carrier aggregation

Application Areas

Outdoor antenna for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)
Consumer LTE/5G internet connectivity
Industrial & Commercial LTE/5G deployments
Urban and rural household reception enhancement
Agricultural & Farming LTE/5G data distribution
Power, Energy & Water telemetry access
Oil & Gas communication systems
Municipal & Government systems
Repeaters & coverage enhancement amplifiers



  • Ports: 2
  • Coax Cable Type: Twin HDF-195
  • Coax Cable Lenght: 10m
  • Connector type: SMA (M)
  • Frequency bands: 698-960 MHz | 1710-2700 MHz | 3400-3800 MHz
  • Maximum gain: 11 dBi @ 3400-3800 MHz
  • Polarisation: ±45°
  • Dimensions 290 x 265 x 155 mm
  • Product Weight: 1.73 kg
  • Temperature range: -40 ºC to 80 ºC
  • Environmental Conditions: Outdoor/Indoor


What’s in the Box

  • Antenna: A-XPOL-0002-V3-03
  • Mounting bracket: Z-shaped mounting bracket


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