Peplink Balance 20X

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Peplinke Balance 20X

The Peplink Balance 20X is a business router with 1x WAN port, 4x LAN ports and a maximum throughput of 900Mbps. As a member of the “X” series, the Balance 20X offers extreme performance, a future-proof design at a practical price. The SDX also supports a FlexModule, which allows you to adapt the router to your choice of ports and immediately apply new technology.

Use smart options such as Load Balancing and SpeedFusion to transport super-fast VoIP, video streaming and other data. Combine different transport technologies and mobile carriers to keep the network up to date when individual links are broken. Switching between links is automatic and seamless.

Balance 20X delivers excellent routing throughput, 11 AC Wave 2 WiFi, includes an embedded cellular modem, and it also supports new Flex Mini module so that you can optionally add a second LTE radio.

Key Benefitspeplink-balance-20x
  • Wave2 WiFi
  • 60 Users
  • 900 Mbps Throughput
  • FlexModule Mini

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Peplink Balance 20X – Groundbreaking price-performance router for branches

Flex Module Minipeplink-balance-20x

The Peplink Balance 20X router has a FlexModule Mini slot which will support all kinds of WAN technology. So when it’s time to add a second LTE connection, the Balance 20X will be ready.

Add Cellular Backup to the Balance 20X

Back up your xDSL with a cellular link (up to two with the FlexModule Mini and redundant SIM cards). When a line goes down, your office won’t even notice.



  • Antenna Connectors
    • 2x SMA Antenna Connectors
    • 2x RP-SMA Wi-Fi Antenna Connectors
    • 1x GPS SMA Antenna Connectors
  • WAN Interface:
    • 1 x GE, 1x Embedded LTE Modem
    • 1x USB Interface
    • 1x Expansion Modules (Option)
  • LAN Interface: 4x GE
  • Number of PepVPN SpeedFusion Peers: 5
  • Recommended Users: 1-60
  • Dimensions: 160 x 262 x 33 mm
  • Weight: 0.67 kg


What’s in the Box

  • Balance 20X
  • LTE Antenna x 2 (ACW-813)
  • GPS Antenna x 1 (ACW-232)
  • Wi-Fi Antenna x 2 (ACW-341)
  • 12V 3A PSU x 1 (ACW-602)


Supporting Documents



Product Code
Embedded Modem
4G Bands
3G Bands
Europe / International / CAT-4
B1, B3, B5, B7, B8, B20, B38, B40, B41
Americas / CAT-4
B12, B14, B4, B2, B5, B13, B66, B71
B2, B4, B5

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