Peplink MAX BR1 MK2

Peplink MAX BR1 MK2

The MAX BR1 MK2 offers redundant SIM slots with automatic switching, DC or terminal block power capability, advanced GPS fleet tracking, and remote management, all packed into a durable metal enclosure. It is also Verizon certified.

KEY BENEFITSpeplink-max-br1-mk2-terminal-block
  • Redundant SIM Slots
  • Terminal Block
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Captive Portal
  • Hot Failover

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Peplink MAX BR1 MK2 – Automatic Failover 4G LTE Mobile Router

Redundant SIM Slots for Multiple Carriers

Redundant SIM slots with automatic switching for reliable network. You can also set the MAX BR1 mobile router to automatically switch SIM cards when you’re in danger of exceeding a data cap. It also allows you travel across borders without changing SIM cards manually.

  1. SpeedFusion delivers unbreakable connectivity using two redundant 4G LTE connections from different carriers.
  2. In case of a WAN failure, SpeedFusion instantly switches traffic to another connection.
  3. Setting up a customizable portal is as easy as uploading your logo and terms & conditions. You can easily set bandwidth allowance and access duration per user or manage access using RADIUS or LDAP servers.
  4. InControl 2 provides complete cloud-based device management, monitoring, and reporting and let you check vehicle speed, view cellular coverage, and play back route histories in real-time.
peplink-max-br1-mk2-topology     peplink-max-br1-mk2-topology-customizable-portal    peplink-max-br1-mk2-topology-incontrol
Terminal Block for Secure Power Supply

The MAX BR1 is equipped with a terminal block for secure power installation in vehicles and other locations.

Fleet Tracking

Track and manage your fleet from anywhere. With built-in GPS fleet tracking and InControl 2 cloud-based management, you can keep tabs on location and manage your mobile network from any Internet-connected device.

Captive Portal

Branding your captive portal is as easy as uploading your logo and terms & conditions. You can easily set bandwith allowance and access duration per user or manage access using RADIUS server.
Setup a Social Wi-Fi Hotspot to receive valuable demographic data from your users.

Hot Failover

In case of a WANfailure, SpeedFusion technology powers the MAX BR1 Slim for instant failover, giving you reliable internet connectivity and resources access to datacenter.



  • Ethernet WAN Ports: 1 (GE)
  • Ethernet LAN Ports: 1x (GE)
  • Embedded 4G LTE: 1
  • Maximum number of SSID: 16
  • Recommended Users 1-60
  • Redundant SIM Slots: Mini-SIM | 2FF
  • Router Throughput: 100 Mbps
  • Power Input: Terminal Block DC 10V-30V, 2A
  • Dimensions: 40 x 147 x 128 mm
  • Weight: 435 grams


What’s in the Box

  • MAX BR1 MK2
  • 12V2A Power Supply (ACW-601)
  • 2x Wi-Fi Antennas (ACW-341)
  • 1x GPS Antenna (ACW-232)
  • 2x 4G LTE Antennas (4G LTE) (ACW-815)


Supporting Documents



Product Code
Region | Carrier
Embedded Modem
4G Bands
3G Bands
FDD LTE: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B7, B8, B12, B13, B20, B25, B26, B29, B30, B41
WCDMA/HSPA+/DC-HSPA+: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B8
Asia Pacific
B1, B3, B5, B7, B8, B18, B19, B21, B28, B38, B39, B40, B41
WCDMA/HSPA+/DC-HSPA+: B1, B5, B6, B8, B9, B19 | TD-SCDMA: B39

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