Capestone PSTN to 4G Gateway

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Capestone PSTN to 4G gateway

In the coming years, part of the copper connections in the Netherlands will be replaced by fiber optic connections (FTTH – Fiber to the Home) and in the future it is even expected that the majority of these analog connections will be terminated by the cable companies.

A migration to fiber optics will be an excellent solution for a large number of companies, but for a significant part of Dutch companies and organizations this will not be a solution, because on the one hand the fiber connection is too expensive compared to the PSTN subscription, and on the other hand the physical location and that of the connection point can cause problems.

Capestone introduces a unique total solution for the migration of analog connections to 4G with; CAPESTONE PSTN TO 4G GATEWAY®.

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Capestone PSTN to 4G Gateway

Our mission is to make complex technology and solutions accessible to our partners and customers. Always and everywhere internet wherever you are, whatever the underlying solution should be, we work on that every day. The CAPESTONE PSTN TO 4G GATEWAY has been specially developed and formulated to facilitate future-proof migration of analog networks and connections.

Migration from PSTN to 4G – Huge Market Opportunity

In the Netherlands, but certainly also within Europe, there are still many Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) networks and connections. The analog endpoint of this network is called POTS, Plain Old Telephone Service, Post Office Telephone Service or Post Office Telephone System is still widely used for connecting all kinds of devices and machines. Operators and network owners will increasingly end this network service in the coming years in order to make the migration to fiber optic. Capestone offers a migration solution based on 4G.

Total solution including hardware, connectivity, service and management

The Capestone PSTN TO 4G Gateway is an All-in-one solution to easily migrate analog / PSTN connections to a future-proof solution. The PSTN to 4G Gateway is an aluminum housing consisting of a combination of IoT hardware, 4G antenna, software and IoT connectivity solutions to receive analog signals, convert them to SIP and then transport them securely over the internet.

Built on A-brands including Cradlepoint/Ericsson, KPN, Cisco and Comgate.

The Capestone PSTN TO 4G Gateway has been compiled in collaboration with and based on A-brands. “Under the hood” runs a robust 4G router from Cradlepoint – part of Ericsson – containing two embedded IoT SIM cards from Comgate. This IoT sim solution is primarily based on KPN IoT including Cisco Jasper sim management, the backup SIM card is a Comgate multi IMSI eSIM including our IoT eConnect sim management portal.

ATA converter & SIP Trunking

The built-in ATA converter is designed to connect analog devices to a VoIP network and is equipped with 2 FXS ports for connecting these analog lines. The ATA also supports the Fax-to-IP protocol (T.38) and 3-way voice conferencing.

Included in the monthly fee of the Capestone PSTN TO 4G Gateway is a SIP-Trunk subscription with 1x fixed telephone number – which is ported from the analog line – and a calling bundle of 250 minutes.

Service, Management and Warranty

As a value added distributor for 4G/5G mobile networking and IoT total solutions, Capestone offers various services to configure this gateway, carry out all preparatory work and number porting in order to make the gateway ready for use. By default, we provide the services “Configuration Advanced” and the service level agreement “Office Hours” with this product. Furthermore, as you are used to from us, you will receive the complete RMA handling of the hardware.


The Capestone PSTN TO 4G Gateway solution can be produced entirely white label/wholesale for Capestone partners. This concerns customization of the aluminum housing (logo lasering, colour), the APN of the IoT SIM cards, size of the data bundle(s), white label SIM management portal, customer service and various marketing materials.

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What’s in the Box

  • ​Capestone PSTN to 4G Gateway aluminum housing.
  • Cradlepoint IBR600c IoT router with dual SIM including Cradlepoint Netcloud Essentials
  • Grandstream ATA converter
  • Comgate IoT SIM card including 500Mb data bundle NL/EU with IMEI lock
  • Comgate IoT SIM card as a backup
  • Capestone 4G MiMo vandal resistant puck antenna
  • Capestone SIP Trunk (VoiP) + 250 minutes of calls to Dutch numbers
  • Includes a Landline Phone Number
  • Includes Capestone Configuration Advanced
  • Including Capestone Service Level Agreement “Office Hours”

The ideal thing about the package is that you pay monthly in a subscription form. Term 24 months. Also available for 36 months.


Supporting Documents

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Configuration Packages

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