Combi antenna with 4G + GPS + WiFi


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4G antenna, WiFi antenna and GPS antenna in one. This combi antenna also supports 3G and GSM. It is ideal for track and trace systems in vehicles, containers and generators, among others. Puck antenna, vandal-proof.


This combi antenna 4G + WiFi + GPS is especially suitable for objects that do not transmit signals due to their material. Put this combi antenna on it and the 4G, WiFi and GPS reception is optimal.

You can connect the 4G cable to his router, the GPS cable to his GPS receiver and the WiFi cable to his WiFi transmitter.

Cable (length): 3 x 3 m, RG174
Gain LTE / UMTS / GSM: 0-3 dBi (frequency dependent)
Gain GPS: 28 dBi
Gain WiFi: 4 dBi
Polarization: GSM / WiFi omni
Current consumption GPS: 6.6 ~ 16.6 mA MAX
VSWR GPS: <2 @ 1575MHz
Power supply: 2.3 ~ 5.5 Vdc
Mounting: Fixed mounting, drill hole 17 mm
Dimensions: diameter 78.8 mm, height 21.3 mm, total height 44.5 mm
Temperature range: -40ºC to 85ºC