Peplink Balance 310 5G

Peplink Balance 310 5G

The Peplink Balance 310 5G is an SD-WAN router with 5G speeds of up to 4 Gbps. The powerful router offers network stability and security and is equipped with 2 dual-SIM modems (5G and 4G +), 1 WAN port and 5 LAN ports. Manage via the Cloud with InControl2 and use SpeedFusion technology.

  • Professional 5G M2M router
  • With 2x dual-SIM modem (5G & Cat.12 LTE)
  • Router throughput: 1 Gbps
  • 5G download speeds of up to 4 Gbps
  • 4G download speeds of up to 600 Mbps
  • Dual-SIM, 1 primary and 1 backup
  • Always online with seamless failover
  • 1x Gigabit WAN, 5x Gigabit LAN, 2x SFP
  • 6x 4G / 5G antenna connections (SMA)
  • SpeedFusion PepVPN (2 peers)
  • Cloud management via InControl2


Peplink Balance 310 5G

5G router

The Peplink Balance 310 5G is a powerful SD-WAN router with a throughput speed of up to 1 Gbps. The device ensures fast and stable connections and has 1 Gigabit WAN port for wired internet, 2 SFP ports and 5 Gigabit LAN ports for network equipment. With 2 built-in dual-SIM modems, a mobile connection is always available, so you can use the Peplink Balance 310 5G at locations without a fixed internet connection.

Balance Your Fixed Network with 5G Wireless WAN

With SpeedFusion Cloud you can utilize traffic steering. A technology whereby connections are controlled based on the application, limiting data wastage and traffic. For a lightning-fast remote connection, the Peplink Balance supports SpeedFusion (incl. 2 SpeedFusion peers, expandable to 30). This patented Peplink VPN technology for multi-WAN environments ensures that the bandwidth of all WAN connections is bundled, resulting in extra speed and stability. Furthermore, WAN smoothing is applied, in which double data packets are sent for optimal data transfer. This means there is less risk of packet loss and you will not have a dropped connection when a line fails.

Lightning fast connection

Multi-radio combined with our SpeedFusion Hot Failover technology allows connections of 5G and LTE networks to work simultaneously. With the Peplink Balance 310X you benefit from super-fast 5G internet with download speeds of up to 4 Gbps. The professional 5G M2M router is equipped with two dual-SIM modems so that you can insert four SIM cards. Thanks to seamless failover you always have a stable connection; If one of the connections is lost, the mobile router has a connection with another provider. There is also 1 USB ports available so that you can connect additional 4G / 5G modems.



  • WAN Interface: 1×10/100/1000M Ethernet | 1x USB Interface | 2x Embedded Cellular Modems with Redundant SIM Slots
  • Lan Interface: 5×10/100/1000M Ethernet | 2x SFP
  • Router Throughput: 1 Gbps
  • Cellular 1 Data Rate (Downlink/Uplink): 5G: 4 Gbps / 700 Mbps | LTE CAT-20: 2 Gbps / 150 Mbps
  • Cellular 2 Data Rate (Downlink / Uplink): LTE CAT-12: 600 Mbps / 150 Mbps
  • Recommended Users: 50-500
  • Number of PepVPN SpeedFusion Peers: 2/30
  • Cellular Antenna Connector: 6x SMA Cellular Antenna Connectors
  • Power Input: 12V DC Connector
  • Dimensions: 252 x 180 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 1.65 kg


What’s in the Box

Peplink Balance 310 5G

  • 1x Balance 310 5G
  • 1x of 12V5A PSU
  • 1x Power Cord
  • 4x Rubber Foot
  • 6x Cellular Antenna (ACW-234)


Supporting Documents



Product Code
Embedded Modem
5G Bands
LTE Bands
Balance 310 5G with
1x 5G and
1x LTE CAT-12
Cellular 1:
Cellular 2:
Cellular 1:
5G (NSA) Sub 6Ghz:
n1, n2, n3, n5, n7, n8, n12, n20, n28,
n38, n41, n66, n71, n77, n78, n79
Cellular 1:
B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B7, B8, B12, B13, B14, B17,
B18, B19, B20, B25, B26, B28, B29, B30, B32, B34,
B38, B39, B40, B41, B42, B46, B48, B66, B71
Cellular 2:
B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B7, B8, B9, B12, B13, B18,
B19, B20, B26, B28, B29, B30, B32, B41, B42,
B43, B46, B48, B66