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QuWireless is specialized in the manufacture of wireless systems. All components are made in the EU. QuWireless is a company full of experienced people who have been active in the industry for more than 15 years. The staff consists of engineers, graphic concept designers. At QuWireless they strive for perfection.

They always come up with special solutions for all wireless and external devices. Look for new partners to work with, by solving problems and developing new ideas.

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QuMAX offers the most powerful directional LTE antenna of all QuWireless antennas. It is designed to have all models of Teltonika RUT routers installed inside IP67 enclosure. It is the first choice for fixed installations in industrial environment. Depending on Teltonika router model it has embedded GPS antenna and outdoor wi-fi antennas.


QuSpot LTE antenna for each model of Teltonika’s RUT Routers is a perfect solution for mobile installations like yachts, boats, campers, RV and CCTV. It depends on if there is a RUT230, RUT240, RUT950 or another router is has embedded WiFi antenna and/or GPS. If you use Teltonika router with QuSpot antenna, you get an integrated complete solution with embedded router and multi band antennas in one enclosure.


Are you looking for an integrated all-in-one outdoor router solution? Then use our Teltonika Outdoor set consisting of the Teltonika RUT including a powerful directional/omni antenna and the ability to power the outdoor router via Power over Ethernet (POE). The SIM slot has also been developed in such a way that you can change a SIM card easily – and without having to open the housing.

RouterDistributor & QuWireless

With QuWireless, RouterDistributor offers complete outdoor antenna and outdoor router solutions for the Teltonika networking portfolio consisting of RUT routers and IoT gateways. For example, the directional LTE antenna QuMax and omni LTE antenna QuSpot serves as the perfect outdoor device for mobile and fixed network equipment.

For an integrated complete solution with built-in router and multi-band antennas in one housing, combine the QuSpot antenna with a Teltonika router. The QuMax LTE antenna from QuWireless offers the most powerful of all QuWireless antennas. It is intended for long distance connections to the base station. Again, combine a Teltonika router in the IP67 housing for an integrated complete solution. It is the most common choice for fixed installations in an industrial environment.

The integrated all-in-one outdoor router solutions are also part of the selected portfolio. A complete Teltonika Outdoor set consisting of; a Teltonika router including a powerful omni / directional antenna and the possibility to power the outdoor router through Power over Ethernet (POE). The SIM slot has also been developed in such a way that you can easily change a SIM card without having to open the housing.

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