TP-Link switches are used in a variety of applications. RouterDistributor has the switches that are suitable for the business environment. The switches can be divided into Managed and Easy Smart switches.

The managed TP-Link switches can be fully customized. Managed switches make it possible to manage the network ports and various advanced options on or off. Thus, one retains all control over the network with a managed switch. This is mainly desirable in a business environment, where multiple users are connected to the switch. As the administrator of a managed switch, it is possible to set which network traffic has priority, but also which users have access to certain parts of the network.

RouterDistributor offers a portfolio of managed switches such as the T1500G-10MPS, T1500G-10PS, T1600G-28PS and T1600G-52PS. The major differences between these switches are the switch capacities and number of Ethernet and PoE ports

In addition, the TL-SG108PE and TL-SG1016PE are concrete examples of Easy Smart switches. These devices are an ideal upgrade to an unmanaged switch and intended for SMB networks with simple network management. The network administrator can efficiently monitor traffic using port mirroring, loop prevention and cable diagnostic functions.

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