Tektelic LoRaWAN sensors

The Tektelic LoRaWAN sensors are divided based on verticals and applications;

Smart Room Sensor
Smart room sensor with temperature, humidity, motion detection, moisture / leak detection, G-Force measurement, pulse reader and magnetic switch. Optional PIR sensor with 3 different masking options.

Industrial Sensor / Transceiver
Industrial transceiver with 1 digital, 2 analog inputs, 2 outputs and serial interface with support for CANbus, MODBUS and other industrial protocols. Battery is additional.

Agriculture Sensor
Agricultural sensor with soil moisture, humidity, temperature and ambient light detection. IP67 outdoor housing. Pole mounting with external soil moisture sensor or bottom mounting with built-in sensor.

Mulch Temperature Sensor
The Tektelic Mulch Temperature Sensor is an ideal solution for monitoring and transmitting real-time data related to the temperature of mulch beds. Two device variants are available depending on the depth of the mulch to be monitored and also includes a built-in temperature and humidity sensor for the environment. Tektelic’s mulching sensor uses a rugged IP-67 polycarbonate housing for use in the most extreme environmental conditions and includes an integrated Li-SOCl2 battery for optimized battery life of up to 10 years. The device supports battery status reporting for easy maintenance through an application server.

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