RouterDistributor distributes 5G USB dongles from Apal within Europe to manufacturers, system integrators, MSPs, mobile network operators and telecom & ICT partners. Apal has an extensive specialization in 5G USB dongles for applications such as Connect Devices, Enterprise, Industrial IoT and Backup.

5G dongles can occur in a variety of scenarios:

Smart inspections; 5G’s low latency and high reliability allow industrial inspectors to work in harsh conditions, such as inspecting power lines and gas pipelines, without compromising personnel safety.

Smart inspection

Smart factories; 5G provides high-speed data transmission and real-time data return, and combines artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics to build smart factories with integration capabilities such as thinking, sensing, learning and adapting. With the expansion of smart devices, it is possible to realize to unmanned, normalized and intelligent factory environment, and optimize production efficiency.

Smart factory

Smart agriculture; The smart farming integration system uses 5G’s high-speed transmission of 4K images to perform real-time monitoring and equipment control. It can remotely control the growing environment of crops anytime, anywhere, and reduce farmers’ burden and labor costs to improve crop yields.

Smart agriculture

Smart offices; with a 5G Dongle with plug and play system, any place in the world can be used as a mobile office. Whether it is telecommuting, conference call or SOHO personal office, users can easily and quickly complete the work, anywhere!

Smart office

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