IoT SIM cards, also known as Internet of Things SIM cards, are special SIM cards used in devices connected to the Internet through the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT encompasses a network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other objects equipped with sensors, software and connectivity to exchange data.

IoT sims are used in various application areas, such as smart homes, smart cities, industrial automation, healthcare, agriculture and transportation. They enable devices to collect, transmit and receive data, allowing them to communicate with other devices and systems to perform automated tasks and enable smart solutions.

IoT SIMs differ from traditional mobile SIM cards because they are designed specifically for the requirements of IoT devices. Key features of IoT sims are:

  • Connectivity: IoT sims connect to mobile networks, such as 2G, 3G, 4G or in some cases even 5G, depending on availability in the region. They provide reliable and wide coverage to enable communication between IoT devices and the Internet.
  • Security: Security is an important aspect of IoT sims because IoT devices can be vulnerable to security issues. IoT sims can provide security measures, such as encrypted communications and authentication protocols, to protect data and devices from unauthorized access.
  • Management and control: IoT sims can often be managed through dedicated platforms designed to remotely manage and control IoT devices. These platforms provide functionalities such as monitoring connection status, data usage, device location and configuring settings remotely.
  • Scalability: IoT sims can be scalable, meaning they can be used in a large number of IoT devices. They are often available with different data plans, depending on the needs of the device and the amount of data it needs to send or receive.

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband is wireless access to the Internet via a 3G, 4G and 5G network, characterized by high data usage. You can access it via a dongle, MiFi or router. To unlock data from devices / machines, a mobile broadband subscription is required that provides high coverage and uptime. Comgate offers various solutions and as a hardware expert we can completely unburden you.

IoT / M2M bundles

With its IoT / M2M bundles, Comgate offers a solution for any type of organization that wants to connect to their devices and machines. With full technical support and expertise, it is possible to respond to new IoT opportunities without major financial risks. And because every industry and every company is different, they offer customization and project support to the partners. Comgate always strives for quality!

Choose your Sim

Whatever application you are looking for the most suitable data SIM card for, Comgate will provide a competitive offer. Whether you opt for an IoT bundle on eSIM technology or a data plan with high data usage / Unlimited. Comgate is happy to help you find the perfect solution for any type of hardware worldwide, so that it seamlessly matches the data needs of your company. Check the tool for a personal quote.


4G / 5G for every industry!

Always and everywhere internet wherever you are. More and more companies are opting for a 4G / 5G LTE solution, or wireless connectivity. As an expert in the field of hardware and connectivity, Comgate is happy to help you with an All-in One solution specifically for your industry. This can be for the office, retail or for vehicles. Comgate makes the combination of hardware, accessories and connectivity. For each sector they have looked for the most suitable hardware and data bundles that meet your wishes and needs!

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