Building a digital, intelligent world that really takes people further.

Huawei offers information and communication technology solutions. With these solutions we are building a fully connected, intelligent world. For every individual, every household and every organization. Huawei has 194,000 employees in 170 countries and research centers around the world.

RouterDistributor has been distributing Huawei’s mobile internet solutions since 2011. RouterDistributor is the only Huawei distributor in the Benelux that has specialized and focuses exclusively on the Huawei Mobile Broadband portfolio consisting of 4G dongles, 4G MiFi’s and 4 / 5G routers.

RouterDistributor holds stock and now supplies the entire Huawei portfolio in Europe to resellers, system integrators, business customers, ISPs, government agencies, service providers and operators.


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Huawei 5G Routers, lightning fast 5G / LTE Routers. The Huawei 5G Routers achieve higher throughput speeds than ever. The routers from Huawei offer a stable network connection with download speeds of up to 3.6 Gbps. Streaming 4K videos and 5G cloud gaming without stutter is no problem at all thanks to the powerful Balong 5000 multimode 5G chipset.

The Huawei 4G routers are ideal for setting up a primary mobile internet connection at the office, at home or at temporary locations such as construction sites, events or conferences. These routers have a nice design, offer a high download speed and also support VoIP. A mobile internet solution consists of a combination of a 4G router, an M2M SIM card EU or World and a 4G antenna indoor or outdoor for better reception.

5G MiFi’s for super fast internet. The Huawei 5G MiFi achieves higher throughput speeds than ever. The Huawei 5G MiFi (mobile router) offers a stable network connection with theoretical download speeds of up to 3.6 Gbps. The Huawei 5G MiFi is an ideal solution for 5G mobile internet on the go. Think of internet for in the camper, on vacation, on a business trip or as the primary internet connection for mobile objects.

The mobile 4G routers – also called MiFi – from Huawei provide fast mobile internet at the office, on a business trip or on vacation. These mobile routers have WiFi so you can provide up to 32 devices with internet, such as laptops, tablets, computers or other machines that can receive WiFi. There are also Huawei MiFi’s that can serve as a power bank, so that you can charge other devices.


5G with Huawei

The development of global 5G in network, deployment, ecology and experience is beyond imagination.
Whether for individuals, families or every organization, 5G is creating unprecedented value.
Huawei will work closely with customers and partners to focus on 5G innovative applications, prosper the 5G ecosystem, and accelerate 5G commercial success.

Leading R&D Investment

Between 2009 and 2013, Huawei invested more than US$600 million into 5G technology research. Following this, in 2017 and 2018 Huawei invested almost US$1.4 billion into 5G product development.

Leading Business Cooperation

By July, 2019
cooperate with 50 5G commercial contracts and
150,000 base station shipments

Recognition by Industry Organizations

Various key awards in the 5G industry, including the 5G Evolution Outstanding Contribution Award, Best Infrastructure Award, 5G R&D Outstanding Contribution Award, etc.





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