Comgate is an innovative company that has been providing connectivity solutions to partners and companies at home and abroad since 2015. As an independent Wireless Connectivity Service Provider, they offer different types of IoT / data sims for devices, machines and sensors to make them smarter and connect them to the internet. In doing so, they apply 4 principles, guidelines:

#1 Premium Brands – Always the best fit

#2 Personal IoT Touch – You deserve the best service

#3 Business Tools – Makes life easier

#4 Value for Money – Don’t pay for what you don’t need

Wireless connectivity enabler

Due to the specialization in 4G hardware and connectivity, Comgate can seamlessly meet any data requirement with associated network advice, at a competitive price. They translate technology into possibilities. With full technical support and expertise, you can respond to new Internet of Things (IoT) opportunities without major financial risks. And because every industry and every company is different, we offer you customization and project support.

By connecting devices to the internet (to send data to the Cloud and communicate with each other or with computers), your organization helps make your customer’s life better, easier, safer and more sustainable. Comgate offers SIM cards with IoT bundles for this, from small to large data bundles. By offering Mobile Broadband at any location and IoT subscriptions for all your devices, Comgate allows you to get the most out of technology.


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Choose your Sim

Whatever application you are looking for the most suitable data SIM card for, Comgate will provide a competitive offer. Whether you opt for an IoT bundle on eSIM technology or a data plan with high data usage / Unlimited. Comgate is happy to help you find the perfect solution for any type of hardware worldwide. So that this seamlessly matches the data needs of your company. With the tool “Choose your sim” you will receive a personalized quote!

“With Comgate’s data solutions you benefit from;

  • Full-non-steering SIM card
  • Free roaming in EU
  • Pooled data
  • Flexible maturities
  • Sim Management portal
  • Alerting & car management”


Configure yourself and choose your own sim!

How we work at

The Best Partnership

Become a Reseller now and receive full support in sales, marketing, leads, technical support and finance.

Value Added Services

We provide the staging, configuration and support services
for 4G/5G routers and IoT connecitivity.

Global Distribution

Make use of our global distribution network. Fast and easy ordering through our webportal, e-mail or datafeed. We provide several branded dropshipment possibilities.

24×7 Support

We provide support according to the Follow the Sun model.
Extensive support services are available through various Service Level Agreements.