The new 5G generation is now

2020 is the year! 5G has been introduced and will continue to roll out. But what is 5G actually?

The difference between 4G and 5G is the fact that 5G uses different frequency bands. The European Union has determined that three frequency bands will be made available for commercial 5G applications, namely the 700Mhz, 3.5Ghz and 26Ghz frequencies.

Applications for 5G

5G is bringing about major changes in both business and private life. 5G can be used in the future for various applications:

Think of 5G for cars / self-driving cars. By installing 5G networks on and / or around roads, smart cars can be connected to a 5G network; vehicle-to-network. Cars and platforms will communicate with each other and coordinate behavior. This will result in a faster flow of traffic resulting in fewer traffic jams.

We can also make cities smarter, and create a Smart City: Internet of Things (IoT) applications in urban areas make life easier. Lampposts that broadcast WiFi, smart trash cans with sensors that indicate when it is full, coordinated traffic lights so that public services are on location earlier.

5G Fixed Wireless Access

Fixed Wireless Access will become possible with the launch of 5G. A permanent wireless primary internet connection for connectivity in and around the home, office or on the go.

5G for outdoor areas: Homes and businesses located in areas where there is little or no access to a fast fixed internet connection will benefit from the rollout of 5G.

Thanks to the high capacity, throughput speed, low latency and deeper penetration within buildings, the new 5G networks will also connect these people to the internet. 5G will ensure that everyone everywhere has access to first class internet.


Are you 5G-Ready?

The new 5G generation is expected in 2020!

What does this mean for developments worldwide? We will have even faster connections and see more customization!

The new 5G generation is ready! Various brands such as Cradlepoint, Huawei, Alcatel and OPPO are already on the market with 5G ready products. These devices are even faster and have the future in your hands.

Think of the higher frequency bands that 5G uses. The higher frequency bands of the 5G network offer very high capacity and speed for customers and a shorter response speed than the current 4G frequencies.

In addition, 5G responds much faster to an action than 4G. In self-driving cars, this can be the difference between colliding and dodging.

A 4G network throws data in all directions, a 5G network transmits separate bundles in a targeted manner. As a result, many more separate devices can use the internet quickly in one place. This allows customer groups to be served separately.

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